Is that fever a problem? Ask Thermia

shutterstock_124303936Your child has a fever. Do you call her caregiver? Treat it with acetaminophen? Wait and see?

Thermia, an online fever calculator developed by the HealthMap team at Boston Children’s Hospital, can provide puzzled parents some guidance.

HealthMap co-founder John Brownstein, PhD, explains how Thermia works and details possible next steps.

Read about Thermia on Boston Children’s Vector blog.

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Parent Q&A: Helping a daughter through breast reduction surgery

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

For her eighteenth birthday, Mackenzie Langan wanted people to know her as something other than the girl with the big breasts. The teenager from Cape Cod—whose experience was chronicled in a recent episode of Nightline—underwent a double breast reduction surgery to take her G-cup chest down to a C size. Now, you “can’t take the smile off her face,” says Mackenzie’s mother, Cindy Crawford, who shared with us a parent’s perspective on coping with macromastia and getting treatment from Brian Labow, MD, at the Boston Children’s Hospital Adolescent Breast Center.

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Kenslie’s story: A new brother and a new chance at life

Kenslie and Hollis sleeping

February was a very busy month for the Shealy family from Lexington, South Carolina. Lori and Calvin were expecting the family’s fourth child. Their daughter Kenslie, 2, was ecstatic at the thought of a new baby brother.

“When I was pregnant with Hollis, Kenslie kept asking when he was coming,” Lori says. “She’d say, ‘Mommy, can you just open up your belly? I want to see him.’”

But Kenslie missed meeting Hollis the day he was born.

Instead, she and Calvin were nearly 1,000 miles from home at Boston Children’s Hospital, where Kenslie, who had been diagnosed with midaortic syndrome, was battling for her life. The topsy-turvy month began with symptoms of the flu.

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NHL star on sports concussion: Be aware, get tested

concussionJason Zent, a retired professional hockey player, has witnessed a dramatic shift in concussion awareness since the start of his professional career in 1995. Though awareness of how a concussion impacts an athlete’s health has improved, Zent is on a mission to continue to raise awareness and promote baseline testing.

Zent played hockey in high school at The Nichols School in Buffalo and for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but concussion was not talked about during his high school and college playing days.

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