Why I’m running the Boston Marathon

This year’s 118th Boston Marathon represents many different things to the thousands of participants who will run 26.2 miles from Hopkinton, Mass. to Boston’s Copley Square. For some, it will offer closure—an opportunity to put the tragedy of last year’s events behind them. For others, it represents a new start—a chance to embark on a new path, inspired by those who have run before them.

Among those competing are several Boston Children’s Hospital employees, each with his or her own reasons for running…

Scott-Glynn “I’m running this year to complete my 3-year-goal of running a marathon, qualifying for the Boston Marathon and then running with the best runners in the world.”

Scott Glynn, Access Control Administrator, Security



Lauren-Codd“I’m running for two reasons: to finish what I started last year and to push my own ability.”

Lauren Codd, MBA, Executive Assistant, Quality Program Department of Medicine


Hazel-Boyd“I’m running this year for an incredible cause and so that I can regain what the finish line means to me—to have it filled with a sense of triumph rather than tragedy.”

Hazel Boyd, MBA, Clinical Operations Manager of Perioperative Services



Gabriella-Howard“I’m running in honor of those whose lives were changed by the bombings and for the strength they give me, showing all of us that you can get up 100 times stronger than you ever knew you could.”

Gabriella Howard, Administrative Associate, Medicine Critical Care



Courtney-Fratto“It’s not about the 26.2 [miles]. It’s about the shared experience. It’s about the shared struggle that Boston has endured over the last year and showing the world how strong we are as a city.”

Courtney Fratto, RN, MSN, CPNP, Critical Care Medical Intensive Care Unit



Alexandra-Wade“I’m running this year because I didn’t get to cross the finish line last year. 25.8 miles isn’t good enough.”

Alexandra Wade, Senior Administrative Associate, Environmental Health & Safety



Christine-LaCouture“I’m running because Boston Children’s will forever hold a special place in my heart—having saved my life when I was a brain tumor patient.”

Christine LaCouture, Clinical Assistant, Inpatient Surgery, Boston Children’s at Waltham



David-Mooney“I’m running to help children fully recovery from their injuries.”

David Mooney, MD, MPH, Director, Trauma Center








Thank you and good luck to all our runners next week!

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