Watch 60 Minutes tonight

UPDATE: Watch the 60 Minutes piece and read Frances Jensen’s post about why funding epilepsy research is so important.
60 Minutes
Don’t forget to watch 60 Minutes tonight, featuring the epilepsy research of Children’s Frances Jensen, MD. You can watch a preview here.  If you use Twitter, please help us promote the episode by tweeting – tune in to 60 Minutes to see Children’s Hospital docs talk about epilepsy.”

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  1. The Medicare fraud report has left me speechless. But the investigation shouldn’t stop there. The hospital bills (as referred to by Andy Rooney) are beyond anyone’s imagination. Those bills reflect the salaries that are being paid to the managers of hospitals, e.g. just two of them: Greenwich CT hospital manager receives a salary of $1,200,000.00/ year and Danbury CT hospital manager receives a salary of $2,400,000.00. Is that Medicare fraud or out and out thievery?

  2. Just following the rules as government makes them up. Bet you can't wait to see the rules for the new healthcare system.

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