Volunteers are caregivers, too


At Boston Children’s Hospital, we are all part of the care team. Our President and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Kevin Churchwell often says, “Whether we’re delivering care at bedside, supporting that care or pioneering what care will look like tomorrow, everyone at Boston Children’s is a caregiver.”

In honor of National Volunteer Week, we celebrate the more than 1,300 volunteers who devote thousands of hours each year through Volunteer Services to support our hospital, staff, patients and families. They are college students, homemakers, working and retired men and women. They play with children during wait times, they help families find their way in the halls, they donate blood and platelets and participate in every kind of event imaginable.

Meet Mary and Janice, two of the 1,369 volunteers who together donated 57,724 hours of service to Boston Children’s Hospital in 2018. Both Mary and Janice received Best in Care nominations from families at Boston Children’s for the exceptional care they provide. They, too, are caregivers and we thank them for making a difference in the lives of others.

Mary Piccolo

“For the last eight months, Mary has spent every Tuesday with our son. She cuddles, rocks and plays with him as if he was her own. She shows him unconditional love when I am unable to be there. She is truly heaven sent and our family would be lost without her.” ~ Parent, Solid Organ Transplant/General Surgery

Janice Fiske

“We have been going to outpatient Cardiology for almost 17 years and it’s a comfort having Janice in the waiting area. She is a great distraction for the kids that are nervous coming in for their cardiology visits. Even teens are nervous, but she remembers them and engages them. She makes them feel so welcome, and the parents and siblings, too. We look forward to that part of the visit and truly appreciate her being a part of it!” ~ Parent, Outpatient Cardiology

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