A valentine for Robbie

Family raising two boys - one with hemophilia and one without

Your smile is infectious — a picture of joy.

Clearly, you’re not a typical 3-year-old boy.

Whether cooking with Mommy, shooting hoops with Daddy,

climbing on Eddie or messing with Atty;

you find the fun in everything you do.

(It wouldn’t hurt to eat a fruit or two!)

Young boy with hemophilia plays with his brother and dog

If you scrape your knee or have a bad fall,

you scream, “My meds are working!” and go grab a ball.

You are the bravest, the sweetest, so smart and so clever.

We hope you stay like this forever and ever.

Heading to Boston Children’s is never a drag.

We just grab some toys and throw them in a bag.

Thank you, Team Robbie Klein for all that you’ve done,

allowing our boy to not worry and just have fun.

To our son Robbie, we send all of our love.

See you at Boston Children’s … in a helmet and glove!

Boy with hemophilia wears a baseball helmet

About the bloggers: Kayla and Joel Klein dedicate this Valentine’s Day poem to their 3-year-old son, Robbie, who is cared for by the team at the Boston Hemophilia Center at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Read Robbie’s story.