Tweeting 140 years of history

@childrensboston happy 140th birthday to an amazing hospital! — From curtisrj

Started working at #CHB in 2003 on a “3 month project”. Still here, still love it, thanks to the Ctr on Media & Child Health! –From EyreAffair

My first intact memory (age 2)=going to CHB 4 surgery. Spent holidays, school breaks, etc there; staff felt like my family

Everyone positive + caring, and I felt safe there even when young+scared. I even invited my CHB doctor to my hs graduation!

Coolest feeling was being able to return as adult and work at Devon Nicole;felt such a connection to sick kids and familiesFrom achronicdose

@ChildrensBoston saved Andy’s life by unleashing the healing powers of stem cells. Celebrating 140 years! — From atrevino

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