This week on Thrive: September 6 – 12

What kind of activities should be available in waiting rooms?

Our media expert address the concerns of a medical worker who wants the waiting room of her hospital’s new pediatric unit to feature more creative activities and less screen based entertainment. Our doctor agrees: if the medical community is going to push parents to monitor their kids’ TV use, they should practice what they preach, especially where they practice.

Children’s continues efforts to reduce radiation imaging

A recently released report noted that some doctors are relying too heavily on ionized radiation x-rays, which could be potentially dangerous for young patients. Our expert describes the great lengths Children’s goes to reduce radiation exposure to all patients, and makes sure radiation doses administered to those who need them are kept to a minimum.

Food challenged

Meet Joshua Feblowitz, a research assistant at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and a freelance writer for Children’s who has lived with a list of severe food allergies his whole life. Josh is currently undergoing tests at Children’s to see if he’s outgrown his allergies. Follow this continuing series that looks at Josh’s relationship with food based on his allergies and what the future holds for him based on his test results.

The end of summer means the start of flu season

In this installment of her weekly updates, Dr. Claire McCarthy addresses the concerns of those who don’t want to get a flu shot this year. Look out doubters, Dr. McCarthy has a laundry list of reasons to get you off the couch and in line at your closet flu vaccination center.