This week on Thrive: September 13 through September 17

Under lock and Key: secure cleaning products to protect kids

Our safety expert, Dr. Lois Lee, comments on disturbing new findings that show 12,000 kids are admitted to emergency rooms every year for accidental poisoning by cleaning fluids.

Drug Safety information goes mobile

A new online and mobile phone application developed by researchers at Children’s helps parents keep track of current FDA information on the medication their kids take. The app also makes it much easier to report adverse events caused by meds, which developers hope will lead to more accurate information about drugs being readily available to the public.

What parents need to know about childhood obesity

In her first video blog, Dr. Claire McCarthy speaks directly to parents, offering advice and pointing out warning signs parents should look for when thinking about the weight of their children.

Food Challenged: the ‘eggs-periment’ begins

Last week we met Joshua, a 20-year-old writer who has lived with severe food allergies his whole life. Joshua has undergone treatment for his allergies at Children’s and was recently tested to see if he had naturally outgrown his allergies to eggs. Read more to hear about the test and what life for Joshua holds now.

How much texting is too much?

Every parent of a teenager knows that texting is one of their most common forms of communication. But how much is too much?  Our media expert tries to help parents distinguish the hazy line that separates “heavy texting” and addictive behavior.