This week on Thrive, July 26- August 1

Massachusetts’ new school nutrition bill is enough to make nutrition activists jump with joy. Fried foods will be just one of the unhealthy items stricken from Mass. schools after Governor Deval Patrick signed the bill Friday.

Amy Rucki, who as a high school sophomore was  admitted to Children’s Hospital Boston with a brain tumor, tells her story. She was followed by ABC camera crews, who were taping for the medical documentary, Boston Med.

Vote for Children’s Food Hero app, a game that encourages kids to take a proactive role in healthy nutrition and exercise. Ben Reis, PhD, of Children’s Hospital Informatics Program, is leading a team from Children’s determined to answer the first lady’s call, with a new app called Food Hero.

Claire McCarthy, MD, pediatrician and mom of five, discusses how pregnancy anxiety can affect the health of your baby.

Lois Lee, MD, MPH, works in Children’s Emergency Department Injury Prevention Program, explains how swimming safety isn’t just an issue for toddlers, but teens as well.