This week on Thrive July 19-23

Thanks to advancements in medicine and vaccination, many diseases have been all but eradicated. But as powerful as modern medicine has become, there are still holes in its defenses, as proven by a recent Californian outbreak of pertussis, also known as whooping cough, that is well on its way to being the most widespread outbreak the state has seen in 50 years. Learn how the process of cocooning can protect newborns before they’re old enough to be vaccinated against these diseases.

Claire McCarthy, MD, weighs in on the dangers (and advantages) of online symptom checkers and how some parents rely on the internet to help figure out what’s wrong with their sick kids.

How young is too young for cosmetic surgery? Brian Labow, MD, a pediatric plastic surgeon at Children’s Hospital Boston talked FOX25 Morning News to discuss the topic of teen cosmetic surgery.

Children’s gives transgender tween new hope. Read about this young person with gender identity disorder (GID) or transgenderism, and the progressive treatment she received at Children’s.

When lecturing their kids about the dangers of drugs, many parents are put in tough position when their kids question their own past experiences with drugs and alcohol. Read advice from our expert who says honesty is the best policy when talking to your kids about you own past history with controlled substances.

The Health Family Fun website offers advice on how to limit your family’s time in front of the TV and curb some of their junk food intake.

Children’s Dennis Rosen, MD, wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times about the shrinking field of pediatric specialists and how this could be severely limit the quality health care available to many of our nation’s children.