This week on Thrive: July 12 – 16

It was heart week here at Thrive and we devoted the whole week’s coverage to pediatric cardiovascular conditions, their research and treatment here at Children’s.

Heart week pt. 1: Our former patients and families shared their amazing stories, and it created quite a buzz! Here’s what people said:

Having a baby with CHD nearly 8 years ago was the scariest thing that ever happened to us, but the doctors and nurses at CHB who saved his life are truly heroes. We are so blessed each and every day. Thank you CHB – again! -Jen

I was born with a VSD, way back in 1962. From what my parents told me this was a very risky surgery then. If I remember correctly I believe Dr. Gross was somehow involved with the surgeries preformed. I still receive all my cardiac care through Children’s Hospital Adult Congenital Heart Defect Clinic, headed by the most wonderful caring dr I’ve seen or ever met, Dr. Michael Lanzberg. There isn’t a hospital in the entire world that has a better Cardiovascular dept. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We are very fortunate to live so close by. -Grace

My 15 year old daughter, Carly, was born with a congenital heart defect called truncus arteriosus. She had her first open heart surgery at age 1 month, at Children’s with Dr. Richard Jonas. Carly had her second surgery at age 12, with Dr. Pedro del Nido. Both surgeons are amazing and I thank them everyday for saving my daughter’s life. ?


Heart week pt. 2: A history of cardiovascular excellence

Children’s has been a leader in pediatric cardiovascular research and treatment for decades. Here’s a quick look at the innovation and success the hospital’s cardiovascular teams have brought to the field over the years.

Heart week pt. 3: life after pediatric heart surgery

Current data shows that over 90 percent of children born with one of these heart conditions now survive to adulthood. This incredible success has led to an unexpected new medical specialty: caring for adult survivors of CHDs who experience later-life complications from their original conditions and treatments. Learn more about how Children’s provides life long care for their former CHD patients

Heart week pt. 4: New hope for kids waiting for transplant

This week’s Boston Med featured Children’s Francis Fynn-Thompson, MD, as he worked to save the life of a teenage patient with a life threatening congenital heart defect. Learn more about this incredible doctor.

Heart week pt. 5: A new heart for Sara Dumas

Also featured on Boston Med was Sara Dumas, the Children’s patient who was operated on by Fynn-Thompson. Here she share her own thoughts on her condition, a second chance at life, and what its like to under the glare of TV cameras and lights while preparing for major surgery.

Though not heart related, Dr. Claire McCarthy wrote a great post on the subject of leashing children as way to keep little explores and escape artists from getting away from parents in unsafe environments. It was one of our highest commented stories ever on facebook. Here’s just a small portion of what people were saying, check out the post to see way more on the subject!

“Great post! I used a harness on my then 19 month old daughter when I was 8+ months pregnant and we went to Disney with her and my then 4 year old. The amazing thing was, I was horrified about having to admit I needed one but got there and realized just about ever two year old at Disney was on one! ;)” -Keirnan

“I agree with what has already been said, and here is my opinion. Whenever I see a child on a leash, he/she is usually the only child around and the parent is usually the father. Leashes are good for multiple kids, I do understand that, but really if your in a place like Wal-Mart and you only have one child with you, the leash isn’t nessicary. That is why they have carts and a place on the cart where you can put your child so he does not wander off. In your case, a leash is beneficial when you have a little one always runnign off and two others to look after. Also, it’s important to engrave to that child that the leash can be something fun, and not a form of torture (I saw a kid on a lesh once that had a monkey on his back-pack and the tail was the actual leash, I had to say awwww) So I guess my opinion is the leash is great for a family with a lot of kids to look after, but if you only have one with you, either carry them or tot them in your cart, because then it’s just giving someone the excuse to be lazy.”