This week on Thrive: August 9- August 13

Here’s what happened on Thrive this week:

Going Gluten Free

People with celiac disease must eat gluten free for medical reasons, but what about those who simply choose to live gluten free? Our expert looks at the pros and cons of voluntary GF eaters.

MA legislators ban the ‘R-word’ from state laws

After lobbying from advocacy groups, Massachusetts legislators sign bill that would substitute the term “mental disabilities” for “mental retardation” in all Mass laws and other state language and programs.

Lessons for living: what my family learned from a close friend’s death

Dr. Claire McCarthy shares a touching and personal recount of how she and her husband used the death of a close friend to teach their children about death.

‘Fake drugs’ pose real threats

K2 and a host of other marijuana like substances are legal and readily available in Massachusetts. But just because they’re legal doesn’t make them safe. Our expert tells parents what to look out for and some possible side effects of legal “pot.”

My friend’s son is up at 4am playing videogames; should I step in?

Children’s media expert advises a woman who fears her friend’s lax parenting style has led to her son developing a video game addiction. Should she intervene? It’s a difficult question without a clear cut answer.

A look back: Children’s on Boston Med

This week marked the end of the TV series Boston Med. In this “best of” video, we look back at some of our favorite Children’s moments from the show.