This week on Thrive August 30- September 3

How does TV wrestling violence effect kids? Our Expert offers advice to a teacher who’s students are reenacting their favorite wrestling stars’ violent moves in school.

Read an empowering story written by a college student working to warn her peers about the dangers of binge drinking. After a classmate died from alcohol poisoning, Emily Fenn began working with her college to educate students about the dangers of binge drinking. It hasn’t been easy but she’s determined to keep working to keep campuses safe.

Dr. Claire McCarthy writes a touching and poignant piece about sending her kids off to college. It’s tough for many, but she points to how the experience often leads to a different, but none less important, relationship.

Read about a Children’s Hospital doctor who was so tired of giving his patients boring, “made for grown ups” medical information that he designed his own comic books to educate young patients about their conditions.