This week on Thrive: August 23- 27

This week on Thrive:

Empowering story form Healthy Family Fun Being a teenager can be rough. Simultaneously dealing with school, peer pressure and puberty can leave many young people feeling like forces outside their control are running their lives. But Jorge Medina-Barreto, a peer leader in the Adolescent Services Program at Martha Eliot Health Center, has taken a new path towards self-empowerment: improving his health through cooking and exercise.

Injunction halts federally funded stem cell research A federal district judge made a surprising ruling yesterday, blocking federal funding for stem cell research, overturning policies established by the Obama administration in 2009.

Andres Trevino was devastated when he heard about the injunction. Trevino, a Mexico City native, first came to America in 1999 to seek treatment for his son, Andy, who was sick with a rare and often fatal genetic mutation called NEMO. Thanks to Children’s doctors and medical knowledge and procedures attributed to stem cell research, Andy’s life was saved. See his story and reaction to the injunction in this Thrive video.

Getting the whole story: time for an end to nutrient based diet guide The US dietary guidelines are based on the nutrients that make up foods, but how many of us base our meals around what’s in food as opposed to the foods themselves? Are you concerned about eating enough fruit or about getting enough Vitamins A, B6 or C? Our obesity expert calls for a change in dietary guidelines, one that looks at whole foods instead of just nutrients, to make things less confusing for the average consumer.

Are nature shows with graphic animal death scenes ok for my child? Dr. Rich answers a reader’s question about whether or not the graphic hunting and killing scenes in a popular nature show are appropriate for young viewers.