This week on Thrive, August 16 -20

Are industry funded drug trials too biased? Hundreds of thousands of Americans are prescribed popular medications every day. But what if there was evidence that the information doctors rely on to make prescription decisions isn’t as objective as it appears? What if the results are influenced by those who bankrolled the trial? A look at how some drug companies slant scientific trials in their favor.

Talking with Children about death. Mother and pediatrician Dr. Claire McCarthy expands on her recent post about how she taught her children about death via the passing of a close friend.

Art or abuse? One of the number one hits on the pop charts talks in depth about domestic abuse, but are kids getting the right message? Our expert weighs in.

1 out of 5 American teens has suffered hearing loss. More and more teens are suffering permanent hearing damage. Items like ipods are possible culprits, but more research needs to be done on the subject. Our doctor and one of his patients were interviewed by CBS News on ways kids can protect their hearing.

My kids are asking for toy weapons; what should I do? Our doctor has advice for parents who are worried about their kids’ aggressive fantasy play and desire to play with fake guns.