This week on Thrive: April 26- 30

A teen mother shares her story about how she managed to juggle motherhood and high school, and how her doctor at Children’s Hospital Boston, Joanne Cox, MD, helped her succeed.

In today’s high-stress school environment more and more kids are turning to stimulants like Adderal, Ritalin and other medications traditionally prescribed to treat ADHD to get ahead. Dream Online looked at the disturbing trend.

Pediatrician and mother Claire McCarthy, MD, discussed a new study that suggests teens maybe texting too often, and compared it to her own children’s texting habits.

Dr. John Knight was featured in series of video interviews where he talked about the legal ramifications and potential negative effects of parents hosting drinking parties for their teenage children.

Last Sunday Frontline aired an episode called ‘The Vaccine War,’ a journalistic look at vaccination, and the parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids. It created a buzz among both sides of the vaccination debate, and echoed a Thrive post on the subject of personal freedom vs. public responsibility and how it relates to vaccination.

A new study shows New England has more asthma suffers than any other place in America. Since 2005 Children’s has had a home visit program that educates asthma suffers about medication and how to make their homes more bearable for the asthma suffers in their family.

Lois Lee, MD, MPH, from Children’s Emergency Department Injury Prevention Program, discussed water safety and offers tips for parents on how to they can avoid water related injury for their kids.

In this week’s installment of ‘Ask the Mediatrician,’ Michael Rich, MD, MPH  addresses the concerns of a mother who fears she is relying too heavily on media to distract her children while she does all the work required to run a household.