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Volunteers are caregivers, too


At Boston Children’s Hospital, we are all part of the care team. Our President and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Kevin Churchwell often says, “Whether we’re delivering care at bedside, supporting that care or pioneering what care will look like tomorrow, everyone at Boston Children’s is a caregiver.”

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Kids giving back to kids: Glen Martin – former Children's patient

Glen profileIt was another Sunday soccer game for 15-year-old goalie Glen Martin. He was ready to do anything to protect his team’s goal. While trying to block a shot, the opposing team’s player accidentally kneed him in the stomach.

When Glen was hit, his organs were pushed against his spine, lacerating his liver, puncturing his small intestine and severing his pancreas. He was flown to Children’s that night and operated on the next day. Glen spent the next 70 days recovering in the hospital.

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