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Are nature shows with graphic animal death scenes OK for my child?

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, is Children’s Hospital Boston’s media expert and director of Children’s Center on Media and Child Health. Take a look at his blog archive or follow him on Twitter @CMCH_Boston.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH
Michael Rich, MD, MPH

Last week Rich commented on how to use kids’ want for toy weapons as a chance to discuss violence and make suggestions for more peaceful play.  This week he answers a reader’s question about the effect graphic death scenes in nature programming can have on very young children.

Q: What are your thoughts on animal programs that show graphic killing that is in the wild, like Big Cat Diaries? My 4 year old loves animal shows and is interested in seeing this one, yet I am not sure this is appropriate content for his age. Please advise.
Nightmares in Nature, in Miami, FL

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