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Until every child is well

Have you seen Boston Children’s Hospital’s new TV commercial?

This TV spot, along with print and radio ads, are elements of a new multi-media campaign, designed to spread the word about Boston Children’s dedication to medicine, research, healing and care for all children.

The campaign may be layered and spread across many platforms, but it conveys a single message: at Boston Children’s we’ll work tirelessly “until every child is well.”

But it’s more than advertising—it’s a promise. It’s a commitment made by every doctor and nurse at our bedsides, all the researchers in our labs and staff members on the other side of a desk or phone.

As proud as we are of the care we provide, we’re also proud of our ongoing efforts to reduce costs. This campaign was developed featuring many members of the Boston Children’s community instead of relying on hired actors or models. The children you see in the ads are Boston Children’s patients or family members of our own staff.

As members of the Boston Children’s community, we’d like to invite you join us in spreading this message. You can download the song featured in the ad, “Until every child is well” for just 99 cents. (All proceeds go to support Boston Children’s families, medical research and hospital partnerships with local communities.)

Whether you’ve come to Boston Children’s for asthma, a broken bone or something far more serious, you can show your support for the hospital with our new Facebook badges. Simply go to the “share the love” section of our website and pick the badge you want to share. In an instant all of your friends will know that you support Boston Children’s mission to help every child get the world-class care he or she deserves.

Living in a world where every child is well won’t happen overnight. Scientific discovery and medical breakthroughs have done wonders for eliminating childhood illness over the years, but there is still much work to be done. Fortunately the staff of Boston Children’s will be there every step of the way, doing our part to make the dream of a world free of illness and injury for all children, a reality.

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