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Back to school: college drinking concerns

tapsIt was recently reported that the University of New Hampshire is considering offering an amnesty program for underage students caught drinking on campus, in an effort to reduce alcohol related injury on school grounds. Those who support the program say students are drinking anyway, if the fear of suspension is removed they may be less inclined to be left alone when drunk, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston disagree. A recently released study by the Children’s Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research (CeASAR) shows colleges with strictly enforced alcohol policies have fewer cases of underage drinking and dangerous binge drinking.

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Health headlines: Toxic metals, smoking and alcohol are harmful to kids' health, but sports too?

McDonald’s will recall close 12 million “Shrek” drinking glasses, which are sold at individual McDonald’s resturants because the glasses were recently found to contain cadmium, a toxic metal which can pose health risks.

NPR recently ran a story that mirrors the sentiments of CeASAR’s Dr. John Knight, which says parents who send mixed messages about booze have children who are more likely to drink. Also the report touches on the idea that the “European model” of drinking— where older teens have wine with diner or other family functions— takes away the forbidden fruit aspect of drinking. Studies show this isn’t the case. 

The journal Pediatrics had a study  that tracked the course of addiction to nicotine among a group of sixth-grade tobacco users. The study found that occasional smoking could lead to an addiction to tobacco; in some case even one cigarette a month was enough to constitute addiction.

Some in the medical community are worried that young athletes are over training, to the detriment of their still developing bodies. The Boston Globe ran a storyon this topic which quoted Children’s doctor Mininder Kocher.

 This week CNN ran a series on 5 toxins that we are exposed to everyday via the day-to-day use of products like plastics, cleaning products and electronics. These toxins are relatively new as far as our interaction with them (there was no human interaction with many of these toxins as recently as just a few decades ago) and science isn’t fully sure about what our exposure to them will mean in the long term.

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Prom safety: is it ok to search my teen's room if I'm looking for drugs?

In an effort to promote a safe prom season, John Knight, MD, director of Children’s Hospital Boston’s Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research(CeASAR) launched, a website that explains the medical and social dangers of underage drinking. Here Knight discusses if and when you should search your teen’s room for contraband.

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Prom safety: How do I deal with a teen who comes home drunk?

A recent NPR program noted the influence parents had over their children’s alcohol and drug use, and suggested a relaxed stance on underage drinking can be far more detrimental than many people may realize. The story quoted data from a Pennsylvania State University researcher whose findings mirror the sentiments of John Knight, MD, director of Children’s Hospital Boston’s Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research(CeASAR), who has spoken out against this practice before.

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