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Are preschoolers affected by watching professional wrestling?

Michael Rich, MD, MPH
Michael Rich, MD, MPH

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, is Children’s Hospital Boston’s media expert and director of Children’s Center on Media and Child Health. Take a look at his blog archive or follow him on Twitter @CMCH_Boston.

Last week he wrote to a reader who was worried about some of the graphic killing scenes that aired on wildlife shows her children loved. This week he discusses how the staged violence of TV wrestling can affect young viewers.

Q: I am a Pre-K Special Educator who works one-on-one with developmentally delayed children ages 3-5. Some boys have hit, kicked, scratched, punched, and head-butted me and their classmates. I brought in a child psychologist to observe and speak to the parents of one of the boys and he told the parents that this is “learned behavior.” The parents have allowed these boys total freedom, and fathers watch professional wrestling with them. Do you know of any literature on viewing wrestling and its effect on preschool boys?

–Wrestling to Make a Difference

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