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Trampoline trauma

Did you watch the Today show this morning? If so you probably saw a segment on trampoline safety featuring Thriving safety expert, Lois Lee, MD, MPH. Here, Dr. Lee goes into more detail about how to keep your children safe should they use a backyard trampoline.

One of the activities my sister and I enjoyed as children was jumping on our neighbor’s trampoline.  The trampoline was your standard backyard kind–rectangular and black with only mesh on the sides. There was no such thing as netting around the trampolines back then. Most of the time we loved to jump on it and do somersaults, but there were other times when we would just lay on the warm black surface and watch the clouds drift by.

Lois Lee, MD, MPH
Lois Lee, MD, MPH

If my mother knew then what I know now, we’d have spent a lot less time on that trampoline.  Actually, knowing my mother, we wouldn’t have spent any time on it at all.

In response to NBC Today Show’s inquiry about any recent trampoline-related injuries at Children’s, I did a quick search of patients figuring there would be only a few from the scattered sunny days we have had this spring. Boy, was I surprised to find out that the emergency department at Children’s Hospital Boston has seen at least 20 children with trampoline related injuries in the last 8 weeks.  Most of the children had fractures of their arms or legs after falling while jumping on the trampoline in their own backyard.  Nationally, over 90% of the trampoline injuries seen in the emergency department occur on a home-based trampoline—not at a gymnastics facility.

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