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More bugs and bites? Protect your child from ticks and mosquitoes this season

We’re not the only ones who enjoyed the record-setting mild winter—ticks and mosquitoes have too. While normal winters produce hard freezes that kill off these pests or make them dormant, unseasonably warm temperatures allowed adult mosquitoes and ticks to live through it, creating early arrival and a potential population boom for some types of bugs.

So how can you prepare your family for the early onslaught of ticks and mosquitoes?

“Prevention is key,” says Catherine Lachenauer, MD, director of Infectious Diseases Outpatient Practice at Boston Children’s Hospital. “Avoid areas at the edge of the woods with long grasses. Also, wearing long, light-colored clothing helps keep ticks from getting on the skin and makes it easier to recognize one on your body.”

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Lyme disease: What parents should know

family bikingAlong with longer, sun-filled days, the arrival of summer ushers in some seasonal hazards for kids, like tick bites. Although most tick bites don’t cause serious illness, those from the blacklegged tick (often called the deer tick) can, in some cases, cause Lyme disease. Particularly when detected early, Lyme disease is usually successfully treated with antibiotics. Follow these tips from Children’s Hospital Boston’s infectious disease expert Catherine Lachenauer, MD, to minimize your child’s risk of Lyme disease.

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