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“We never thought we’d run again.”

sports medicineFor five years Hope Prockop, a competitive women’s squash player, battled chronic foot pain, while her daughter Lyle struggled with excruciating back pain. “It was really stressful to cope with both conditions,” says Hope. “I wondered if I would ever reach my goals.”

Mother and daughter found the care and support they needed at Boston Children’s Hospital, where a team of doctors got the pair running and helped Hope reach the pinnacle of her sport. She represented the U.S. on the Team USA national women’s squash team in 2006, 2008 and 2010 and won two U.S. Masters national titles and the Allam British Open 45+ Squash Championships in 2015.

Head-to-toe care

In 2010, Hope was questioning her body and her athletic goals. She had chronic foot pain and had consulted podiatrists throughout Boston. Finally, she followed a friend’s advice and made an appointment with Dr. Thomas Vorderer, a podiatrist in Boston Children’s Sports Medicine.

“His commitment to keeping athletes in the game really resonated with me.”

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