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Take me out the ball game (but leave the peanuts at home)

image: flikr/pinkmoose

Depending on who you ask, peanuts are as much a part of baseball as the National Anthem and the seventh inning stretch. (After all, no one takes you out to the ball game for carrots and celery sticks.)

But despite their long-standing tradition as the game day treat of choice, there are plenty of young baseball fans who want nothing to do with peanuts, Cracker Jack or any other nut heavy treat: Children with peanut allergies.

But as a recent Boston Globe article notes, the Red Sox and many other major league teams are making an effort to make their stadiums safer for their nut allergic fans. Fenway management recently made an outdoor, 226-seat section, completely peanut free for a game, and routinely sections off enclosed areas for fans with severe allergies that might not otherwise be able to attend.

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