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Sorry parents, "the talk" just got harder

There are some tasks of parenthood that all parents hate. Like cleaning up vomit, or dealing with tantrums in public places, or picking poop out of clothes during potty training, or searching endlessly for matching socks (my theory is that aliens take them). But all of these pale in comparison with giving the Big Talk. You know, the one about the Birds and the Bees.

I have bad news: that talk just got harder.

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Government endorses 'abstinence-plus' sex education

Almost half of all American teens have had sex. The federal government now endorses an abstinence-plus approach to sex education

Like stem cell research and abortion, federal funding for sex education is a controversial issue that has long divided public opinion. Up until recently, federal funding for sex education was allocated almost entirely to programs with an abstinence-only agenda, but new policies are breaking with that tradition.

Over the next 5 years, the government will be granting $75 million annually to sex education programs that adopt teaching methods proven to reduce sexual risk behavior and unplanned pregnancies. Most of the approved methods advocate “abstinence-plus” education, which emphasizes the benefits of abstinence while also teaching about contraception and disease-prevention techniques, including condoms.

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