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Teaching math, spelling–and kindness?

Claire McCarthy, MD

I was really nervous when my daughter invited the autistic boy in her fourth grade class to her birthday party.

I was happy she wanted to include him, don’t get me wrong. It was just that, well, anyone who has been to Roller World in Saugus will understand. It’s a really overwhelming place. It’s usually crowded (finding the people you came with can be tough), and between the music and the crowd noise it can be hard to hear the person next to you. It’s dimly lit, with a distracting and disorienting disco ball light thing over the big rink. And when you are on the big rink, you have to move in the right direction and at the right speed, without zigzagging, or you can get knocked over. Yep, perfect place for an autistic kid.

I shouldn’t have worried.  The kids had it covered.

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