Stories about: talking to your teens about sex

Sex education makes the headlines

Many young people learn about sex online. How accurate is the info they're receiving?

Some Massachusetts representatives are expressing outrage over, a sex education website that receives partial funding from the state. Opponents of the site are pointing to Maria’s “extremely insensitive” attitude towards abortion and her “disgusting” language in reference to sex as their major objections to the site receiving state money. But, uncomfortable as they may be with the idea of teenagers and open sexuality, it is the reality for many young people; by the time they are seniors in high school, 62 percent of teens have had sex. What’s more, unintended pregnancies and STDs are still too common among American youth.

So who is this young woman whose sex education website has lawmakers so upset? As it turns out, no one; Maria is a fictional teenager, that acts as the mouthpiece for the site, which offers a broad range of sexual health issues, aimed at the teenage demographic.

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