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H1N1 (swine flu) weekly update: Nov. 11 – 17

fluNov18Here are this week’s H1N1 updates from the HealthMap team of the Children’s Hospital Informatics Program.

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This week on Thrive: Nov. 9 – 13

Here’s a quick look at what Thrive was up to last week.

An eco-perspective is explored on H1N1. Survivors of childhood brain cancer face a variety of late effects and why you need to get rid of your old glass thermometers. Children’s explores how babies understand expressions and emotions and offers tips on how to prepare your child for a flu vaccine. A new study reveals that parents are out of touch about knowing their kids’ stress levels and a Children’s expert gives tip on how to help kids cope with the stress of having a parent at war. The HealthMap team gives us our weekly H1N1 update and your questions are answered about whether or not your asthmatic child should get the H1N1 vaccine. Children are increasingly relying on food stamps and the Mediatrician dishes on telenovelas and toddlers.

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Health headlines: H1N1 news, yoga for kids and peanut-sniffing dogs

Other stories we’ve been reading:

girl makes poses of yogaEducators are turning to yoga to connect with kids, with positive results. Once again, Children’s made the honor roll. We found out that childhood scents occupy a special spot in our brains, and that autistic children often struggle with handwriting.

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Should my asthmatic child get the H1N1 vaccine?

stockphotopro_25908644ZRP_girl_using_an_We’ve received a lot of questions from parents who want to know if the H1N1 vaccine is safe for children with asthma and what complications could result if an asthmatic child is infected with H1N1. We consulted with Children’s Hospital Boston’s associate chief of general pediatrics, Joanne Cox, MD, and reviewed the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to bring you the most recent information.

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