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Health headlines: Take care when sledding and treating acne

Ho-Ho-Hold on! Though often associated with fun times, hot chocolate and one jolly toy provider, sleds are actually quite dangerous. Sledding causes about 20,000 injuries each winter, especially among boys 10-14 who account for over half of all accidents.

Acne meds tied to inflammatory bowel disease A British study indicates that teens who took a commonly used skin medication appear to be at a higher risk for contracting inflammatory bowel disease. According to the study, out of a control group of just over 200 participants taking a tetracycline-based dermatological pill, 152 were diagnosed with IBD.

Can fishy baby food make life long fish fans? University researchers have created a new brand of baby food made from wild salmon. Creators hope that by introducing young, still developing taste buds to the healthy fish, babies who grow up eating it will develop a life long taste for the omega-3 rich fish.

Study: Abusive couples are more likely to spank children
A recent study showed that of those interviewed, 70% reported some type of abuse among the parents such as slaps, kicks or keeping a partner from seeing his or her family. Almost two thirds of the children in these families were found to be spanked by the parents. The study was done to show a correlation between corporal punishment and adult aggressive behavior.

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Health headlines: Kids need more exercise, less lead

Here’s a look at few health stories that caught our eye this week.

The medical community’s endorsement of frequent recess breaks — for kids and grown ups — was well received by experts who meet at the White House late last week for a summit on childhood obesity.

Another study connects spanking with overly aggressive behavior.

The FDA is taking a closer look at triclosan, a widely used antibacterial agent found in soap, toothpaste and a range of other consumer products marketed at kids, because of animal tests that linked the agent to altered hormones and antibiotic resistance.

New legislation goes into effect next week that requires renovation and remodeling contractors to be trained and certified in lead-safe work practices to help prevent cases of lead poisoning among children.

The Healthy Weight Clinic in Roxbury is running a successful weight loss clinic for Boston teens by  offering a doctor, dietitian, and case manager all in one place.  Dr. Shari Nethersole, medical director for community health at Children’s Hospital Boston was quoted in the Globe’s coverage of the clinic.

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