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Bringing back home economics

homeeconomicsIn today’s technologically driven schools, the idea of home economics classes, which were designed to arm kids with half a dozen easy-to-cook recipes, seems a little dated. And faced with busy academic schedules, schools have largely abandoned these lessons. But given the current epidemic of childhood obesity, is this really the smartest move?  In a commentary in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), David Ludwig, MD, PhD, argues that instruction in basic food preparation and meal planning are essential for today’s kids, who can’t rely on their parents to teach them these skills.

(Read a related post from Thrive that asks whether it’s realistic to expect marketers to make changes on their own to how they market unhealthy foods to kids, or whether the government should get involved.)

Many parents never learned to cook and instead rely on restaurants, take-out food, frozen meals and packaged food as basic fare. Many children seldom experience what a true home-cooked meal taste like, much less what goes into preparing it.

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Healthy snacking for your kids

by Jenny Kinne MS, RD, LDN, CLC, clinical nutrition specialist in Gastroenterology/Nutrition.

boy appleIt’s that time of day again, when the kids arrive home eagerly looking through the cupboards for a snack.  As a dietitian I am often asked if snacks are a healthy part of a balanced diet as many think of snacks as being “junk food”. Snacks actually are a good way to fit in healthy foods that are lacking during mealtimes. Below are some helpful tips for incorporating healthy snacks during the day to keep up with the nutritional needs of growing children.

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