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Your child's not 'a morning person?' There could be a medical explanation

stockphotopro_67428hyb_napping_By Dennis Rosen, MD, associate medical director of Children’s Hospital Boston’s Sleep Laboratory

A reader recently posted a question about kids who have difficulties waking up in the morning:

I am interested in the help available for those who simply cannot wake up in the morning. My brother has, since a young kid, absolutely not been able to wake up in the morning on his own. Even with very intense attempts to wake him by others, it is about an hour long procedure in itself, maybe longer. He dropped out of college because he could not get up for class with no one there to wake him, and at 21 still lives with our parents though he fears losing his job due to missed work. Doctors he speaks with simply cast him off with “oh you just need a louder alarm clock” (He has the loudest, most obnoxious one money can buy, which includes a vibrating pad for under your pillow) or “you’re just hard to wake up” (duh). Is there any help available for people like this?

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