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Narcolepsy is my sleepy superpower

My talent is almost more like a superpower. I have the ability to fall asleep wherever and whenever. Now I know you’re probably thinking all teenagers have this power, but trust me, I’m a little different. At any time or place, I have the ability to take a nap.

Intrigued by my power, experts and doctors conducted multiple tests and studies on me. When the results came back, it was clear I wasn’t normal. One doctor even admitted, “These are numbers I’ve never seen before.”

Developing my superpower

I first began developing my sleepy superpower in the fall of my junior year after transferring to Middlesex School. That autumn, I was eager to get to know my new teachers and peers and have them get to know me — and my year started strong both academically and socially. However, in November, my excitement quickly vanished as I began to involuntarily fall asleep in multiple classes.

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Parents, don’t suffer … or how Oliver finally got to sleep

babies sleep

Oliver Grieb today is an adorable 14-month-old boy. But two months ago, he was refusing to nap and waking two, three, sometimes even four times a night.

“There was nothing physically wrong with him,” says his mother Svenja. “He just had a really bad habit of waking up and knowing mom and dad would come hang out with him.”

“If I make a big enough fuss for a long enough time,” Oliver seemed to be thinking, “I’ll eventually get my way.”

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Ask the Expert: What’s the magic behind The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep?

bedtimeThe self-published book The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep has skyrocketed to top of Amazon’s best-seller list. The book’s success is likely fueled by parents fighting a nightly battle to get their children to sleep. Thriving asked Dr. Umakanth Khatwa, director of the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Sleep Center, about the magic of the book and to share additional tips for a smooth bedtime.

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