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In the battle against childhood obesity, start young(er than you think)

Claire McCarthy, MD

We all know that prevention is the best way to deal with any public health problem. With obesity being an increasingly, um, huge problem in our society, we need to do everything we can to prevent it. And to do so we need to start in—infancy?

That’s the message in the study by Children’s Hospital Boston researchers in this week’s journal Pediatrics. As described yesterday in Tripp Underwood’s Thrive post, the study, led by Susanna Huh, MD, MPH, and Sheryl Rifas-Shiman, MPH, showed that when parents of formula-fed infants started solid foods before 4 months of age, the infants were six times more likely to be obese at age 3.

Why do we care? Three is very far from adulthood. There’s still plenty of time to lose the baby fat. Right?

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