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Health headlines: Playground injuries, a new polio vaccine and the latest anti-soda ad

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stockphotopro_11081538GZC_mom_bandaging_Uganda outlaws female circumcision. A new polio vaccine is going to be used in Afghanistan. Researchers have developed an artificial clotting agent to help stop massive bleeding.

Playground injuries aren’t about fall – it’s the landing. Fifty million shades have been recalled for strangulation risk. Pregnancy spacing matters in babies’ health and STDs are common among sexually active teen girls in cities.

The CDC has a healthy version of the song The 12 Days of Christmas. Watch NYC’s latest anti-soda ad.

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More and more teens infected with STDs

Teenage girl in trouble with parentsThe CDC just released its annual report on sexually transmitted diseases and the results for teens are pretty disturbing. Although 15- to 24-year-olds represent only 25% of the sexually experienced population, they acquire nearly half of all new STDs.

The report notes that sexually active teens are at a higher risk of contracting an STD because of a combination of behavioral, biological and cultural reasons. Barriers to accessing quality STD prevention services– like lack of insurance and transportation, or concerns about confidentiality, may also play a big role, the study concludes.

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This week on Thrive: Oct. 26 – 30

Here’s a look at what Thrive was up to last week.

Frances Jensen, MD, senior associate in Neurology, was featured in a piece on 60 Minutes about the prevalence of epilepsy and the importance of funding research that can lead to its cure. It’s clearer than ever before: American children are suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency. A novel surgery saves one baby’s vision. The HealthMap team gives our weekly H1N1 update. Children’s doctors talk about how easily H1N1 spreads and Dr. Sanjay Gupta visits Children’s. Our Mediatrician tackles “slut lists” and a Children’s expert offers parents a guide to a healthful Halloween.

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New guidelines for teens with Gender Identity Disorder

androgynous kidGroundbreaking new guidelines about how to treat children with Gender Identity Disorder have been issued by the Endocrine Society. They suggest that at the first signs of puberty, physicians delay the onset of puberty and wait until the child is approximately 16 to begin any sort of hormone therapy involved in a gender transition.

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