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Food Challenged

The following is the first post in series on food allergies and their treatment at Children’s Hospital Boston. Written by Joshua Feblowitz, a research assistant at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and a freelance writer for Children’s, the series will chronicle Joshua’s severe food allergy history, his life-long  treatment at Children’s  and the outcome of an upcoming test which may prove he has finally out grown of one of his food allergies.

Due to severe food allergies, Josh carries an epipen and wears a medical alert bracelet at all times.

Growing up with food allergies can be a challenge. As a kid, I always needed to carry my EpiPen and wear my MedicAlert bracelet at all times; responsibilities which frustrated me and made me feel different. I took my own meals and snacks just about everywhere: barbeques, field trips, even summer camp. When we did go out I had to be exceptionally careful eating at restaurants, but as a shy kid I dreaded the drawn out conversations with wait staff, questioning them about every ingredient on the menu. While other kids were pouring through books on history, sports and adventure I became an expert in reading ingredient labels. My allergies to milk, eggs and nuts meant that danger lurked all around me.

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