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Beauty in all forms

Have you heard about the latest video taking the internet by storm? It’s a catchy little song from the folks on Sesame Street, praising the beauty of natural hair.

‘I Love my Hair’ was written by Joey Mazzarino, head writer of Sesame Street, after he heard his adopted daughter complaining her hair didn’t look anything like the long, blonde hair of her Barbie dolls.

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Is there anything wrong with letting my 18-month-old watch the episode of Sesame Street that he loves?


Media expert Michael Rich, MD, MPH, director of the Center on Media and Child Health at Children’s Hospital Boston, answers your questions about media use. Last week, he discussed what to do if your child imitates inappropriate dance moves.

Here’s this week’s question:

Q: I am the mother of a very active 18-month-old little boy who loves one particular episode of Sesame Street. Other than this one particular episode, he does not watch TV and for the most part, he’s uninterested even if the TV is on. My question is, although I know children under 2 should be discouraged from watching TV, is it harmful for him to watch Sesame Street? This program does not have any commercials and seems harmless. Please let me know your thoughts; any information is much appreciated.

Uncertain about Sesame, Norristown, PA

A: Dear Uncertain,

Pediatricians recommend limiting screen media before the age of 2 because young children learn little from screens.

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