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Ray Tye, noted children’s philanthropist, dies

Ray Tye with Children's patient, Omar

Ray Tye, a successful businessman turned noted children’s philanthropist, died yesterday morning at the age of 87. Tye was devoted to helping children in medical need.

Tye helped numerous patients receive care at Children’s Hospital Boston, many coming from all over the world. Fernanda Medeiros, manager of the International Center at Children’s, worked side-by-side with Tye to help children from foreign countries receive life-saving treatments. “The world has lost a great, great man,” Medeiros tells The Boston Herald.

One of the many patients whose care he helped pay for is Omar, who was badly injured while traveling to Baghdad. He needed extensive reconstructive surgery and the Ray Tye Medical Foundation donated $100,000 to help cover medical expenses. Tye also lobbied on behalf of Omar and his family to receive political asylum in the United States, which they were recently granted.

Dumanel Luxama, a boy from Haiti with a rare congenital facial malformation, was another child Tye helped. You can read Dumanel’s story and watch a video about him here.

Tye’s generous spirit will be remembered by many, especially those of us here at Children’s. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

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