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The presence of athletic doping in sports is explored. Read Maggie Hickey’s story about how her invisible epidemic was caused by a concussion. Learn all about psychiatric medication and children. Preemies’ pain threshold is lower than previously thought. Claims of vitamin-fortified, sugary foods are hard to swallow. Learn choking prevention tips for your children. Stem cell research opens the window on premature aging. There are DSM changes that can affect your family. What goes on in the brain during a 3-D movie? How having a family changes your views on the environment.

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Psych meds and children—what parents need to know

Giving medicine to a childWe’ve all heard the stories in the news about Rebecca Riley, the 4-year-old who died in 2006 of an overdose of psychiatric medication. She made her first trip to a psychiatrist when she was two, because she was active and had trouble sleeping. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was only three–her ten-year-old brother and four-year-old sister had already been diagnosed with the same—and put on three different medications. By the time she died, she was taking more than ten pills a day. She got sick, and her mother, who was recently convicted in her death, gave her extra pills to make her sleep. Rebecca never woke up.

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