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A look back: Our most popular stories of 2018

Top stories of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at some of our most popular stories from the past year, from ground-breaking surgery and clinical trials to stories of unbelievable courage and hope.

Thank you to the many families and patients who kindly shared their stories with us in 2018. As always, you continue to inspire us.

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Trading my patient ID bracelet for an employee ID badge

Honoring Craniofacial Acceptance Month and one young man’s quest to give back

By Torrence Chrisman

Torrence Chrisman, 24, is a history major at the University of Massachusetts Boston. At birth, Torrence was diagnosed with Apert syndrome, a rare genetic birth disorder involving abnormal growth of the skull and the face, fingers and toes. Read about his medical journey as a Boston Children’s patient and his quest to return to the hospital.

20140925_Torrence-26I came to Boston after being born in Chicago, where I was diagnosed with the amazing Apert syndrome. It was because of the doctors and surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital that I ended up in Massachusetts. One surgeon, Dr. Joe Upton, specialized in operating on the hands of Apert patients. He swung a home run every time he entered the operating room and worked miracles with microsurgery. Dr. John Mulliken, who specialized in the craniofacial aspects of my surgeries, always had a can-do attitude and completed the surgeries with confidence.

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How young is too young for cosmetic surgery?

Botox has long been popular among middle-aged Hollywood stars eager to eliminate frown lines and droopy eyelids. Now, a fresh-faced teen is causing a stir with her admission that she underwent cosmetic procedures in preparation for her debut on the upcoming season of Fox’s television comedy, Glee. Eighteen year old Charice Pempengo, a singer from the Philippines, reportedly had Botox injections and a skin-tightening procedure to narrow her face.

Brian Labow, MD, a pediatric plastic surgeon at Children’s Hospital Boston joins FOX25 Morning News to discuss the topic of teen cosmetic surgery.

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