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The PAO buddy system: Healing through connection

Leigh Lozano and Alyse Scanlon PAO patients Thriving lead image

For people with significant orthopedic hip conditions such as hip dysplasia, a periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) is a major surgery that can reduce or eliminate pain, while also increasing hip function. However, the post-op recovery and rehabilitation process can be long and sometimes painful.

“Recovery is an up and down process,” says Ariana Moccia, a nurse practitioner who works closely with patients in the Child and Young Adult Hip Preservation Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. “It’s important for patients to be able to share their frustrations and successes with somebody who really understands.” That’s why Ariana and orthopedic hip preservation surgeon Dr. Eduardo Novais have been working to connect prospective PAO patients with others who have already gone through the surgery.

Three of the patients who helped initiate the PAO “buddy system” at Boston Children’s share their experiences.

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A thank you from Gavin, the ‘biggest little fan’

Gavin is treated at Boston Children's Hospital for a tumor. My wife, Rebecca, and I are forever grateful for the compassionate care we received at Boston Children’s Hospital. This is our story — an emotional roller-coaster with a very happy ending.

In early March, our nanny Eida discovered a lump on the lower back of our infant son, Gavin.

As we began to see various doctors locally, we were told the lump was something common and benign, but we never got a solid diagnosis. Imaging was inconclusive and an oncologist told us over the phone, “I wish I could tell you this is benign, but at this point, I cannot.” One option presented to us was to remove the entire tumor without a diagnosis.

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Patient feedback matters: A look inside the emergency department

20160310_EDbadges-3Wearing their new color-coded badges: Dr. Matthew Eisenberg, Attending Physician, Emergency Medicine; Fran Damian, Nursing Director, Patient Care Services; Jason Dupuis, Director of Admitting and Emergency Services

If your child has spent time at Boston Children’s Hospital recently, you may have received a survey in the mail or by email asking about your visit. These surveys are part of a hospital-wide initiative begun almost a year ago, to help us evaluate our patients’ experience.

“Listening to patients and families helps us do our jobs better and improve the care future patients receive,” says Dr. Sara Toomey,  medical director of Patient Experience at Boston Children’s. Toomey’s colleagues get together every month to review the surveys and share out the learnings as appropriate.

Jason Dupuis, director of Admitting and Emergency Services, has received valuable feedback about the emergency department (ED) from the surveys. “Our families are very perceptive about what’s going on. Many of their comments are spot on.” The ED recently made three improvements in response to these comments.

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