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Celebrating parents: “You are doing a great job”

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Many patients and families spend hours, days and sometimes weeks in our halls and in our care—Linda and her son, Christos included.

Christos, 17, is a medically complex child who has had many admissions lasting two weeks or more.

During a recent admission, Linda was inspired by a post written by mother and writer Lexi Behrndt. The post, she says, is a source of hope and a reminder that parents “are not alone.”

“When Christos is hospitalized, I sometimes walk the halls to try and relax,” Linda says. “I see other Moms, the look on their faces trying to be strong. I see them talking to the doctors trying to understand what it all means. I see some crying. Sometimes I just want to hug them and say ‘I understand.'”

Parents are on the frontline. You are researchers and advocates. You are compassionate and love unconditionally. You sit bedside and wipe away tears and carry your children through their medical journey.

To honor parents near and far, Lexi is kindly sharing her experiences with our Thriving readers.

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