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Bringing care closer to home

Meet Kevin Blake, a long-time patient of Children’s. In the following, his mother, Laurie, describes what having access to Children’s services closer to home has meant to their family.

Kevin and brother David

My son Kevin was born with multiple congenital abnormalities. He has moderate to severe hearing loss, low muscle tone and a handful of developmental delays. When he was born we instantly knew he was a special kid, and I immediately felt very protective of him. Life may be a bit tougher for Kevin, but his vulnerabilities and strength to work through them is nothing short of amazing, and in doing so he inspires my husband Dan and I to be better parents. As Dan says, “If there are a certain percentage of children born with special needs, then I’m glad we have one of them, because I know we’ll take good care of him.”

The first two years of Kevin’s life were touch and go. He repeatedly had breathing troubles to the point where his face would turn blue and he’d spend hours hooked up to an apnea monitor. We had to call 911 on several occasions and once, when the paramedic took his small, unconscious body from my arms, I really thought we lost him forever.

Thanks to ongoing treatment, Kevin can play baseball with his friends

Amazingly enough, this fragile little baby grew into a strong, happy 8-year-old boy, thanks to his outstanding medical team of clinicians and specialists. In addition to his pediatrician, Dr. Thomas Natale, Kevin sees five different specialists at Boston Children’s North, including a neurologist, ophthalmologist and orthopedic specialist. Each and every one of them is exceptional; they truly care about Kevin and his well-being and get as excited as we do about his progress.

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