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Are 3-D video games bad for young eyes?

Twenty-five years ago the Nintendo corporation introduced Americans to a lovable, pudgy plumber named Mario, and in the process jumpstarted a national obsession with home video game systems. Nintendo is poised to revolutionize the video game industry again, this time by incorporating 3-D technology into one of its hand-held video game systems. Almost all of the major video game manufactures already offer some form of 3-D experience, but Nintendo’s new project, the Nintendo 3DS, will be the first to do so without the need for specially designed 3-D glasses. It’s a small but important distinction, and one the executives at Nintendo hopes will help their product succeed where other home 3-D gadgets have failed.

While many in the gaming community are anxious to see the new technology, there’s some apprehension brewing among parents of gamers. Days before the release of the 3DS Nintendo began warning parents that children who play 3-D games should be limited to half hour intervals, and that children 6 and under should only be allowed to use the product in 2-D mode (by changing a few parental controls, the system can be played in 3-D or 2-D.)

Not surprisingly, the warning raised questions among many would-be consumers: Can 3-D games hurt my kids’ eyes, especially if they are younger?

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