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What overcoming a milk allergy means to my family

DSC04346By Robyn Nasuti

What does being able to tolerate cow’s milk protein mean to my milk allergic family?

  • It means Cheetos, Doritos, yogurt, pizza, Smart food, chicken parmesan and ice cream, but those are the obvious answers.
  • It means using hand soap without worrying whether or not it has milk in it.
  • It means no more separate pizza stones and pizza slicers.
  • It means buying school lunch with friends.
  • It means eating in a restaurant without stomach-turning fear.
  • It means movie theater popcorn.
  • It means vacation without locating the nearest Emergency Room before we go.
  • It means I can buy the shampoo I used before he was diagnosed with a milk allergy.
  • It means caramel candy coated apples in the fall.
  • It means buying junk food at the carnival.
  • It means milking a cow at our friend’s dairy farm in New Hampshire.
  • It means re-booking that cancelled trip to Mexico, because they couldn’t feed him at the hotel.
  • It means Boy Scout camping and school field trips (without mom or dad chaperoning every trip).
  • It means sitting at a table and not having to wash it because he’d get hives if milk was present.
  • It means going to a friend’s birthday party and they don’t have to put away the Doritos and chocolate candy when you arrive. It means taking home the goody bag and eating the candy rather than giving the food to his sister.
  • It means we don’t have to swap out every single candy at Halloween.

But most important, it means I can kiss him and not have to stop and think about what I ate and run to brush my teeth first.

In a single word….it means FREEDOM!

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