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Keeping children safe around grandma’s medicine

Grandmother-and-grandaughterMulti-generational parenting is becoming more common, as the number of children living with grandparents—or receiving regular care from them—continues to rise. And according to reports, this generation of seniors is healthier, better educated, living longer and more financially secure than those of the past.

In other words, today’s Nana and Granddad are ready for the job.

But, as shown in this report from Safe Kids Worldwide, when grandparents become more active in child care, it carries a safety concern: increasing kids’ access to the grandparents’ medication and pills, and potentially serious cases of medication poisoning.

Safe Kids data shows that almost 64,000 emergency department (ED) visits in 2012 were related to a child swallowing medication not meant for her. That’s an ED visit once every 8 minutes, for an accident that is completely avoidable.

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How learning about the FDA drug shortage could help your child’s care

Having a sick child is hard enough, but a current drug shortage is threatening to complicate matters even more for many families with chronically ill children.

“There is a supply problem with many drugs in this country right now, and it’s getting worse,” says Kathleen Gura, PharmD, BCNSP of Children’s Hospital Boston’s Department of Pharmacy. “Last year we had about 200 drugs in short supply, we’re already up to 211 this year, and that number may grow.”

Drug shortages are nothing new; in the past few decades several medications have dipped to very low supply levels, complicating care for many patients. But the problem with the current shortage is the fact that many different medications are becoming scarce at the same time, creating several shortages simultaneously.

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