Stories about: Marfan syndrome

Kayla’s back on her feet after Cardiac Fitness Program

Kayla, who has Marfan syndrome, hangs out at the beach.

Like many teenagers, 17-year-old Kayla Nelson attends high school and has a part-time job — hers is at a local bagel shop. But for Kayla, these “normal” teenage responsibilities were nearly impossible just a couple of years ago.

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Happy birthday, President Lincoln. Now, about that Marfan syndrome …

We know he was tall, honest and a great speaker, but did America’s most beloved president also have a serious genetic disorder? According to many in the scientific community, the answer is yes.  A standing theory is that Abe Lincoln may have had Marfan syndrome, a serious genetic disorder that weakens the connective tissues that provide substance, shape and support to many parts of the body. Lincoln’s postmortem Marfan diagnosis has been the subject of magazines articles and medical books; based largely on his physical stature, which is very much in tune with that of many people with Marfan who tend to be tall and lanky, with long arms, fingers, legs and faces. As we know from his many potraits, Lincoln had these traits in spades.

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