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Prepared for the unexpected: How Henri beat C. diff

Henri after being treated for C. diff
Henri and his sister, Lucienne

From the time he was born, Henri has been very reactive — to everything.

As a baby, he was allergic to milk and soy, which led to weeping eczema all over his body. His allergies meant frequent ear infections and sinus infections.

As a toddler, he was anemic and underweight. He had two urinary tract infections (UTIs) with fevers.

At age 3, he had a circumcision because of the repeated UTIs.

At age 4, a sinus infection spread to his eye orbit. Every sunscreen on the market gave him (and still gives him) a rash.

At age 5, a bug bite on his ear led to a cartilage infection that required antibiotics.

Suffice it to say, I am always prepared for the unexpected with Henri.

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Tummy talk: Treating stomach aches and pains

Stomach aches and pains

It’s the same morning ritual. You rush around to get your child dressed, make her breakfast and try to get her off to school on time.

But one morning, your daughter refuses to eat her breakfast and complains that her tummy hurts. Is it something she ate? Constipation?

Stomach aches are very common. Almost 25 percent of school age kids complain of intermittent (on and off) stomach pain that lasts more than two months.

Rest assured, while stomach pain can happen for any number of reasons, the discomfort is usually short term, and children continue to maintain their overall good health.

“Often, a stomach ache is not cause for concern,” says Dr. Lori Zimmerman, a gastroenterologist with Boston Children’s Hospital Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. “More often, it might mean a child is constipated or withholding her stool, is sensitive to a certain food (possibly lactose intolerance), is too hungry or too full or is worried and feeling the stress in her stomach.”

Dr. Zimmerman offers the following tips and home remedies to help alleviate stomach pain and discomfort.

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