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‘Fact-ose’ intolerance: the truth about dairy digestion

dairy cowThe following is an excerpt from an upcoming article in Dream Magazine. Thrive reporter Melissa Jeltsen spoke with Children’s Hospital Boston gastroenterologist Richard Grand, MD, about many of the misconceptions and half-truths surrounding lactose intolerance and kids.

Q. I think my child is lactose intolerant—should I eliminate all milk products from my child’s diet?

A. Many adults and children avoid milk products because of misperceptions and myths about lactose intolerance. But long-term lactose restriction is a mistake and can result in low levels of calcium, vitamin D and other essential nutrients. The National Institutes of Health recently released findings on lactose intolerance. Among their conclusions is that it’s generally unnecessary to fully restrict lactose. Most people with lactose intolerance can adapt to lactose when it’s given in small doses over time.

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