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What are the best Facebook privacy settings for my child?

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, is Boston Children’s Hospital’s media expert and director of Boston Children’s Center on Media and Child Health. Send him a media-related parenting question via and follow him on Twitter @CMCH_Boston.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH

Q: I was on Facebook the other day and noticed that my friend’s teens had Facebook profiles. I could see the entire profile of one (pictures, information, posts, etc.), while I only had limited access to the other (basically just her name and one picture). This made me wonder, what are the privacy options on Facebook? And what privacy settings do you suggest teens use? My teen has a Facebook profile, and I want to make sure her information is only visible to her real-life friends and that her privacy is protected.

~ Perplexed about privacy, Los Altos, CA

A: Dear Perplexed,

As a parent in the digital domain, you are on the right track by looking into what online platforms your child is using and the safety issues surrounding those platforms. Just because a child has turned 13 and is legally able to have her own social media site does not mean that she has the knowledge or skills to function on that site in ways that are safe, healthy, and consistent with good citizenship.

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How should I get my kids set up with their first email account?

Michael Rich, MD, MPH
Michael Rich, MD, MPH
Michale Rich, MD, MPH is Children’s media expert. He is the director of Children’s Center on Media and Child Health. Take a look at his blog archive or follow him on Twitter @CMCH_Boston.
Last week he answered your question on whether or not kids could be positive media role models for one another, this week he weighs in on when and how to set up an email account for preteens.


Q: My kids are “tweens” and want to get their own email accounts. What is the best email program for children of this age?
-Entering the Email World, in Memphis, TN

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